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Sunday, December 27, 2015

4MLinux 15.0

This post describes major changes in user space, which have been introduced in 4MLinux 15.0.

1) Default desktop.

2) Audacity (digital audio editor) is now available as a downloadable extension. I have built it with FFmpeg support. It works :-).

3) GNU GRUB can now be installed as a boot manager. Note: if you are running 4MLinux without X (e.g. the 4MLinux Server), you can still install GRUB by executing 'update-grub' in your shell.

4) LXRandR and LXInput have been added so that you can easily configure your devices. It was a challenge for me to make them work in 4MLinux: both the utilities generate input for my script, which creates the autostart file for JWM, and the rest is done by small X tools (xmodmap, xrandr and xset). Phew! 

5) Postfix package has been included in the 4MLinux LAMP Server. Its default role (in 4MLinux) is to handle emails send via PHP mail.

6) InfraRecorder is now a part of the Wine extension in 4MLinux. It's an open source CD/DVD writing program available for Microsoft Windows only. This is why 4MLinux uses Wine to run InfraRecorder

Have fun :-)

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