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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Live CD to compile programs

Devel Live CD includes a development toolchain from 4MLinux which makes it possible to compile the Linux kernel and other software written in C and C++.

Note: Devel Live CD boots in the same way as 4MLinux does (this was described here).

1) Select Installer from the Devel Menu:

2) Confirm the installation by choosing 'y' and pressing Enter:

Now you have the minimum required to compile programs written in C and C++. A big collection of additional development software has been installed, too (enough to compile all programs, which are included in basic version of 4MLinux).

3) You can also download additional "alien" (i.e. not 4MLinux native) packages:

All the file managers, which are included in Devel Live CD (Midnight Commander, Path Finder, and X File Explorer), are able to open rpm, deb, and other archives. Please refer to this post for details.