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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Abuse, Doom, Quake...

4MLinux Game Edition includes ready-to-use pieces of software (game ports) needed to play Doom and other classic "shoot'em up" games, but so called wads (or their equivalents) must be downloaded separately.
Note: it is a good idea to enable 3D drivers when you are going to play video games (this was described here). 2D drivers can also be used, but they will give you lower graphics quality (e.g. smaller screen resolutions).

1) Select Doom from the Mystery Menu:

2) You must confirm your download by choosing 'y' and pressing Enter:


3) Now 4MLinux will download and install shareware data (the doom1.wad file):

Note: wad files (or their equivalents) for all the other games (listed below) can be installed in the exact same way as for Doom.

 4) You will be able to play the following games:

Have I mentioned that 4MLinux loves TUI? All the games can be played both with and without X. Just close your X Window System, and execute the "doom" command (or: abuse, freedoom, heretic, hexen, quake).

Have fun :-)

1 comment:

  1. it's not installed in the newest version
    anyone know how to install them?
    i'm still learning this version