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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Manual backup in 4MLinux

It is strongly recommended to back up your data before, for example, installing any new operating system in your computer. This post shows the simplest to way to back up your files using 4MLinux. The procedure described below is valid not only for Linux. It can be applied by Windows and Mac users too (4MLinux supports both NTFS and HFS+ filesystems).

1) Select Manual Backup from the Maintenance Menu:

2) Choose '1' from the menu and press Enter:

3) The script will ask you to insert your removable disk (e.g. USB flash drive) and to press Enter:

4) Now you must wait 10 seconds (this is because some USB devices need a little time to "report themselves" to the Linux kernel):

5) Midnight Commander will be opened automatically with your hard disk(s) in the left panel, while all your removable disk(s) will be displayed in the right panel:

Now you can copy (back up) any file from "the left side" to "the right side". You can use either your mouse or keyboard to select the files that you wish to copy.

HINT: Have a look at the second picture in this post. There is an option to back up your files to a remote FTP server. Just check it yourself!

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