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Monday, January 7, 2013

Dedicated display drivers.

Let's continue to customize your 4MLinux Desktop! Now we will try to activate 3D display drivers (Xorg with basic Mesa support).

1) Select '3D On/Off'  from the Main Menu:

2) A short message will be displayed:

3) You have to quit X now by selecting 'Exit' from the Main Menu:

4) When you execute 'startx' again, Xorg will try to load one of its dedicated drivers (intel, radeon, or noveau). Additionally, some extra desktop effects (via Xcomposite) will be enabled.

5) If something goes wrong (e.g. you are unable to start X), you will be able to disable your dedicated driver by executing '3d' in the console (2D drivers will be loaded again):

HINT: If you are a lucky owner of NVIDIA video card (like I am :-), you can try a proprietary driver, which is available here. Also in this case, if something goes wrong, you will be able to remove the driver by executing the '3d' command. 

NEW: there is also an AMD  proprietary driver, which can be downloaded here.


  1. Is it possible to change time format in X from AM/PM to 24h.?

  2. Yes, it is.

    Please contact me by email (4mlinux @ if you want a "step by step" instruction.

  3. CLI installation.
    so ...

    remember: startx, 3d, ... (all in lower case!).

  4. Congratulations it's a very well designed sys!
    Don't know if 1 should post some bottlenecks 1've found here,excuse me if 1 do.
    1'm on core 7.1 and 1 get always 'illegal command' when trying mplayer ,a blank window opens and disappears quickly and 1'm in doubt if it's installed or not. Can't find info here.No problems with images so far. 1 connect with pppoe-setup -start etc and no sign of it as well.
    Could somebody give me a hint? Thanks!

    1. MPlayer is trying to execute a command that is not understood by your CPU. I will consider preparing an optional "low end" version of MPlayer that would be included in 4MLinux 8.0 (beta version is going to be published at the end of December), so please visit this blog again then.

    2. Didn't expect such a quick answer: thanxs again!
      In the mean time 1 downloaded the 'multimedia' version 4M 7.1 still sound problems although the mplayer interface shows up, but trying to play gives an 'oops mplayer crashed'.
      Is there anything 1 can do like: backup-restart- or addon installation from /var/4Mlinuz ?
      Got those words from the help files.
      The pppoe problem can be left out for now.

  5. Thanxs for publishing it!
    This page will be bookmarked......

    1. Comments are published automatically unless Google filter engine recognize them as spam :-)

  6. Hello!
    Thank you for this distro! Now I`v edit lang.conf to add additional language. What futher steps to setup, how to setup buttons to change layout?

    1. Unfortunately, no easy way to do this. You can manually edit /usr/share/jwm/system.jwmrc

  7. is it possible to change the keyboard setup to azerty be?
    and does anyone know how?

  8. Try to edit /etc/fm/lang.conf